Fifty State Hunting Information and Opportunities From Big Game Logic

We at Big Game Logic know how important fast, accurate state-by-state information is to hunters.

With that in mind, and in order to better serve our valued hunting partners, we have decided to undertake a major project, and post information for deer hunting, wild turkey hunting, and waterfowl hunting opportunities for every state in the union. Each discussed species (deer, turkey, waterfowl) will have a separate article, so that there is no confusion or cross-over.

We expect that this total project will take six months or more to complete, but the various states will be posted as the information is compiled for each state. We will start with the Midwest and fan out from there.

We hope that our efforts will improve the ability of hunters to quickly and SIMPLY surmise the "what/where/how/when" information as to the various hunting venues covered in each and every state.

Because of the tremendous complexity, continuous changes and difference in regulations, seasons, populations, and opportunities from state to state, we will at times have to perhaps give our best "guesstimate" as to a specific subject area in a specific state. We do promise however, that unlike other sites or journals who have attempted to cover each state with hunting information, we will not restrict our sourcing to state fish and game agencies, bureaucrats, scientists, or commercial entities. We will interview and discuss pertinent information with hunters, and guides like you - - state-by-state. "Real world" information in "real time" for "real world" people, who love hunting as much as we do - -and we welcome, indeed encourage feedback.

We will also provide contact information for each state's oversight hunting agency – whatever it is called in that particular state. From the outset, and let us make this clear- - we have no axe to grind with state or federal regulatory agencies. We recognize that they are doing the best they can, often with limited budgets and personnel. Having said that, we will not shrink from pointing out what we perceive as to be outdated, poorly sourced, or deficiencies in information that is provided by these agencies.

We respectfully urge you to access this site and our companion hunting sites for what we believe is the finest information source for hunters anywhere – and that is neither bravado nor arrogance. We pride ourselves on accuracy and fully vetting the subject discussed. Don't hesitate to contact listed sources on our websites - -and that includes guides, hunting organizations, reference materials of all types, outfitters, outdoor/hunting suppliers, along with the areas and accommodations that provide what hunters are looking for and need when they travel either to or indeed within a specific state.

Best Wishes, and good hunting!

Jon Ballard
President, Big Game Logic

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