Horton Bone Collector Crossbow


We had a chance to talk to Riley Foster at the 2011 ATA Show about the new Bone Collector Crossbow. The Bone Collector is a mid priced crossbow (Around $499 Retail) with a 175 pound draw weight that shoots an arrow out about 320 Feet per second. According to Riley this is one of the first bows the features the quality you would see in a top line crossbow at a midrange price.

With consistent speeds of 320 Feet per second you could hunt about any game animal in the world with this bow. It also features a 3 pound trigger pull which in the crossbow world is a light trigger. Another unique feature is the ability to change the length pull for different size shooters by just changing the recoil pad. An optional accessory crank allows shooters with bad backs or shoulders to easily caulk the bow.

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