The Godfather of Crossbow Hunting: A Conversation With Daniel Hendricks

By Chris Larsen

There are very few people in this world with the presence to take over a room with his personality. Daniel Hendricks is one of them. To say he is outgoing is like saying Shaquile O’Neal is tall. Daniel fills a room with his electricity. He is charming, funny, eccentric, and lovable all at the same time. Fortunately, his charisma does not go to waste. Daniel Hendricks is an outspoken advocate for hunter’s rights. As CEO of the American Crossbow Federation and publisher of Horizontal Bowhunter Magazine, Daniel is focused on adding the crossbow to the list of legitimate hunting weapons in all states.

Hendricks is now a leader in the expansion of the crossbow. But he didn’t start out that way. He saw the truth about crossbows while assisting disabled archers. It was during those experiences that Hendricks became a convert. He witnessed the same weaknesses of his vertical bow were present in the crossbow. The difference is that people with disabilities, injuries, and children were capable of being successful with a crossbow. “The two primary strengths of the crossbow are hunter retention; keeping the older hunter in the woods.  And hunter recruitment; being able to get younger people into the woods.” Daniel’s passion for continuing the tradition of hunting is what drives him. “We believe that anything that helps promote hunting and increases our numbers is a good thing.”

I interviewed Daniel Hendricks at the 2011 Archery Trade Association Trade Show in Indianapolis.


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