No Easy Shots

By John Simeone

“By the time they unpack a laser boresighter, I’m already finished.”

Everything is too easy to this generation, even hunting. Young hunters now expect tame deer to walk right out in front of them like on the Outdoor shows on TV. They are taught to take the easy shot so much that marksmanship has become a thing of the past. Hunter Safety instructors instill safe gun handling, but few know the first thing about advanced marksmanship, therefore our next generation of outdoorsmen can’t hit the broad side of a barn. With the winds of war at hand in the Middle East, if I were soldering age, I think I would be sharpening up the skills with the old shooting iron anyway I could.

I saw a young soldier at Ft Polk’s Recreational Shooting range doing just that. His buddies all had different kinds of firearms, and as I noted they were very safe in the handling department but not much on style or skill. The young soldier was attempting to put some distance between him and the fun crowd as he had the serious look of a sharpshooter about him, as he cradled a very fine firearm.

“Nice rifle you got there,” I said, “Browning A-Bolt, Nikon Scope, what caliber is it?” It’s a 300 Winchester Short Magnum. Good, bring it over here and I will save you a bundle of cash when you try to zero it in. What are you going to do? Well, if I don’t have to take a claw hammer to it, I’m going to make some fine adjustments to the scope, and fire one round. That will put you pretty close to center and then all you will have to do is a slight adjustment for your own eyes and shooting style. He laughed, and said nobody can do that.

You kids now a days think everybody is a liar I guess, or you just never have any faith in anything. Looks like you mounted the scope correctly on this gun, so I will have a little faith in Browning and Nikon. If I can’t put the first round in that 3-inch bull’s eye, that Mossberg Turkey Gun over there is yours.

As usual I looked down the barrel, made a few up clicks, and a few clicks to the right on the adjustment turrets. Then I settled down and one round later I was finished. “I’m going up to the Club house to take a leak; I’ll be back in a minute. The young man looked through his scope and couldn’t believe his eyes. The shot had landed almost dead center on a bottle cap.

He was raving to the range master, Dave Miller. Who is that guy? "Oh that’s Uncle John, the coach of Team Top Gun." "Can he shoot like that all the time?" “Well, Dave admitted most of the time, and I’m glad too. " “Why is that?” "Because that was my Turkey Gun the sonofabitch just bet you." Pass it on

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