Broadheads For Turkey Hunting


 Killing a turkey with a bow is one of hunting’s greatest challenges. Successfully hunting turkeys is difficult enough with a shotgun. A bow just complicates matters further. The vital area on a turkey is very small, leaving little room for error. The correct broadhead can be the difference between success and failure.

Dan Ellyson of A1 Archery in Hudson, Wisconsin recommends mechanical broadheads for turkey hunting. They create large entrance wounds and massive internal destruction. Specifically, Ellyson and the A1 ProStaffers use Rocket Broadheads. He likes the Miniblaster for shooting through ground blind material and the Hammerhead in all other applications. The 100 grain Hammerhead provides a two inch cut channel. The 75 grain Miniblaster features an 1 ¾” cut.

No matter which mechanical broadhead you use, Ellyson recommends targeting turkeys right above the legs. He calls it, “shooting for the drumsticks”. He says taking out the legs will put the broadhead right into the vitals and makes it impossible for turkeys to run away, thus a crippled bird is much easier to track and kill.

Magnus Bullhead BroadheadsGuillotine style broadheads are very popular with turkey hunters right now. The Gobbler Guillotine and the Magnus Bullhead are the two most popular. These broadheads are only effective for head shots. This limits their effectiveness to 15 or perhaps 20 yards since the potential target is much smaller. There are also significant arrow and bow considerations to make before shooting these broadheads. On the plus side, with a guillotine style broadhead you will either make a clean miss or completely decimate a gobbler.

Choosing the correct broadhead is one of many factors leading to successfully taking a turkey with archery equipment. In this edition of's Archery Journal, Dan Ellyson of A1 Archery shows us his favorite broadheads for turkey hunting and how they are best utilized.

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