Turkey Hunting With Motion Decoys

by Chris Larsen


Motion decoys have been used in waterfowl hunting for quite some time now. Most waterfowl hunters either own a spinning wing decoy or have hunted with one. However, motion is generally underused when it comes to turkey hunting. A lot of hunters don’t want to be bothered with carrying larger decoy rigs or longer setups. Motion decoy manufacturers have answered these complaints with lighter, smaller, and easier to use motion decoys.

A motion decoy adds another degree of realism that could be the difference between a turkey hanging up out of range and fully committing. The range of motion these decoys create is vast. Some have bobbling heads, some spin, others bring their tails up into a strutting position.

One of the most interesting motion decoys on the market is the Reel Turkey Feeding Hen Decoy from Edge by Expedite. This decoy bobs up in down as if it were feeding. The decoy is also set up on a ski-like device that allows the hunter to literally pull turkeys in when they hang up. The reel comes with two hundred feet of line so it’s possible to pull a gobbler in from a long way out. A hen decoy is packaged in the box, but converting the decoy to a strutting gobbler is a cinch. Just attach your decoy, like a Primos B-Mobile, and you’re ready to go.

No turkey decoy is 100% effective. There are days when toms just won’t cooperate for a variety of reasons including weather, hunting pressure, and breeding cycle. But a motion decoy could be all a wary gobbler needs to see to let his curiosity get the best of him.


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