Turkey Hunting Safety Tips

Some safety rules for hunting wild turkeys include: 


  •  The colors of the gobbler turkey include red, black white and blue. Eliminate those colors from your hunting outfit.
  •  The safest calling spot is in open timber rather than thick brush. The key to success and safety is eliminating movement, not complete concealment.
  • Select a tree trunk, rock or stump that is wider than your shoulders and higher than your head to place your back against when calling a turkey.
  • Be alert when other birds, crows or your turkey fall silent. That may be the sign of another hunter in the area.
  • Don’t alert another hunter to your presence by moving, waving your arms or making turkey sounds. While remaining in place, speak in a loud, clear voice to announce your presence.
  • Don’t stalk your quarry. More than half of all turkey hunting accidents happen when one hunter mistakenly stalks another.
  • Always assume that any call you hear is another hunter.
  • Don’t shoot until you can clearly see the entire turkey and determine its sex.
  • Always wear hunter orange when going into the woods, leaving the woods or walking in the woods.
  • While sitting and waiting for a turkey, put hunter orange on a nearby tree.
  • Wrap hunter orange around any turkey you take or while moving your decoys.