Choosing Mechanical Broadheads



Mechanical broadheads are all the rage these days and for good reason. Mechanicals are the most accurate broadhead you can shoot. But picking out the right broadhead for you can be difficult. There are dozens of choices on the market. Sorting through them can be overwhelming. Dan Ellyson of A-1 Archery in Hudson, Wisconsin believes there are four factors everyone should consider when purchasing broadheads.

Accuracy is the first thing to look at. Ellyson says most mechanical broadheads are accurate. The blades on mechanicals are folded in. This means less exposed blade as the arrow flies through the air. Cutting down on exposed blade decreases the effect of wind on arrow flight.

Penetration is the second factor Ellyson considers. He recommends bows with a draw weight of 55 pounds or more for mechanical broadheads. Youth and ladies shooting less than 50 pounds should consider a fixed blade broadhead. Several elements determine the penetration of a particular broadhead including the number of blades, size of the blades, and how the blades deploy.

Blood trail is another important thing to consider. Again, the size and number of blades decide what your blood trail will look like. Creating a large entrance hole is the key to a good blood trail.

Wound channel is the final factor in choosing a broadhead. To kill big game animals, massive internal damage is necessary. Three or four blades expanding to create an inch and a half or larger wound channel will bring your target down in a hurry.

All of these factors are interrelated. Even with the right broadhead, you may not end up with a great blood trail if your shot is off the mark. You may have to give up some penetration to get a broadhead that will create a massive blood trail. Decide what is important to you and choose your broadhead accordingly.


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