How Much Draw Weight Do I Need?

In compound bows, draw weight is the maximum amount of weight an archer will pull when drawing the bow. Many target bows and youth bows have draw weights from 20 to 35 pounds. Bows used for hunting big game are typically in the 45 to 75 pound range. What draw weight is right for you? A-1 Archery’s Dan Ellyson has a great trick for figuring that out. He recommends using a special release aid that does not open and pointing a bow straight down to the ground while pulling back. If you can not comfortably pull the bow back from that position, the draw weight is too much. Another rule of thumb Ellyson recommends is shooting 20 arrows. If you can’t do it or feel sore after firing 20 arrows through a bow, you are shooting too much weight.

Watch the video for a detailed demonstration on Dan’s technique. 


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