Video Tour Of Ol'Man Tree Stand Products

John McNeil from Ol'Man Outdoors takes us on a guided tour of the Ol'Man Treestand line up including the new AlumaLite CTS which is the first major redesign of the Ol'Man Climber since it was invented year ago.  Some of the new features include:

  • Ol'Man outdoors Climber StandOval style tubing
  • New foot straps
  • Improved back pack straps
  • New teeth
  • New cables with glow in the dark ends 
  • New standing platform
  • Cable pins are all connected to the stand so no more searching around in the leaves for a pin.

This new stand weighs in at only 21lbs and they kept the Comfortech Seating which anyone that's spent time in an Ol'Man climber can appreciate.  Ol'Man also offers this same stand in a "Grand" model that is 24 inches wide making it easier for larger hunters to spend the day up a tree or for a smaller hunter that just wants a bit more room to move around.  The Grand offers all the same features of the AlumaLite CTS it's just wider.  One other feature worth mentioning is the flexibility of the rifle rest.  You can quickly turn it over and it becomes a foot rest.  It also comes with the classic Ol'Man Straight bar.  According to John the Grand only weighs in at 22 lbs.

Another New Stand for 2011 is the Aluminum Roost.  The steel Roost is Ol'Mans number one selling fixed position stand and they believe the Aluminum Roost fixed stand will be very popular with hunters that prefer the fixed position stand but want a lighter alternative then the steel stand.   According to John the reduced weight of the Roost aluminum version (About 16lbs) makes it easier to hang and carry.  Ol'Man also added a silencing sleeve over the metal chain so you don't get the "Jingle" of a moving chain while walking into the stand or hanging the stand.  Ol'Man also offers a complete line of accessories for their stands including gun holders, bow holders, cup holders and crossbow holders.

Learn more about Ol'Man Tree stands at their website:

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