Tink's Deer Decoys


If you’re thinking about hunting with a deer decoy  this season, Tink’s has a few new offerings that may be what you’re looking for. Chris Larsen visited with Terry Rohm of Tink’s at this year’s Archery Trade Association(ATA) Show in Indianapolis, Indiana. Terry showed off the two Tink’s decoys for the ForemostHunting.com cameras.

Miss November is their doe decoy and Mr. October is their buck. Both decoys are lightweight and inflatable. The inside of the decoy features a rubber air bladder with a realistic photographic outer shell. The air bladders are separate making it possible to under inflate the doe’s legs and make her appear to be squatting or bedded down. This stance can be irresistible to a buck looking for a potential mate.

Tink's Mr. OctoberTink’s buck decoy, Mr. October, stands a bit taller than Miss November and is outfitted with a set of eight point antlers. The rack is meant to mimic a younger buck so that it won’t scare off subordinate bucks. The antlers also come off, making it easy to convert the decoy to a doe if needed.

The major drawbacks to inflatable decoys are the shiny skin and how they react to wind. Tink’s addresses the first issue with their realistic nylon shell. The second problem is also solved with small holes in the feet of the decoy. These holes allow small stakes to hold the decoy in place. Tink’s includes the stakes in the package.

One of the most useful features of Tink’s decoys are the tails. They are lightweight and flutter with the wind. The flick of the tail adds motion and realism to the decoy.  Tink’s #69 Doe In Rut Buck Lure can be applied to the tail to create a scent trail.

Terry says what makes the decoys versatile is their portability. These decoys can be deflated and folded up into a backpack. This makes them perfect for those who fly to their hunting destinations as well as hunters who hike a long way into the stand. If a deer decoy is on your list of must have gear this fall, check out Mr. October and Miss November.


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