How do I post pictures to a forum?

There are two ways to reply on a forum. One way is to use the “Quick Reply” at the very bottom of each forum screen. This allows a user to post a quick message in the forum but you can’t attach any photos.

The second way is to click on the “Reply” button within a post. Every post within a forum has 5 icons in the top right hand corner. They are as seen below. Click on Reply and it takes you to the Reply window.

It takes you to this window (see below). Write whatever text you want in the text box. The attachment option is below the “Submit Cancel Preview” icons. Click on the little arrow in the right hand corner.

After clicking the Attachment arrow, the options seen below will appear. This is your basic Browse and Upload event you see in any application. Just search for your picture and click upload. Once you click upload, you will have more options. You can either Create a Thumbnail on your post or insert the larger image in your post. Either one is fine. Once you pick an option it will appear in your post window. Click Submit and it will save it to the forum.