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Your Online & Mobile Solution For Tracking Deer

View More FeaturesBig Game Logic is an interactive deer tracking resource that enhances the traditional scouting process and increases your chances of harvesting that dream buck this hunting season. Big Game Logic provides you with an innovative format for virtually tracking herd movement, journaling hunts, and privately storing treestand, trail camera, and food plot information.

Camp Map

Food Plots

Manage all of your food plots using Big Game Logic. Outline the boundary of your plots and keep year to year data on Crops, maintenance, and images. A great way to share the status of your plots with fellow camp members.

Tree Stands

Plot the locations of all your favorite tree stands and blinds. BGL allows you to name each stand to help distinguish between each stand.

Deer Sign

Use Big Game Logic to keep track of all your active scrapes and rubs. Just another tool to help pattern that trophy buck. Each scrape or rub is color coded by year to show activity throughout the years. It’s a great way to get a better understanding of your trophy movement. You can also keep track of all your shed findings.

Trail Cams

Plot the locations of all your trail cams on your camp map. Store information such as name, brand, model and geo graphic location. You can also upload your trail camera images to each location to help better understand the deer movement on your property. Each photo carries a date and time stamp which is used to grab weather data and moon phase information which can later be used to track your trophies.

Other Features

Keep track of all your trophies in our BGL Camp Trophy Room. Here you will be able to really tell the story of you trophy. If this is a deer you are tracking and have tagged in photos or other sightings, our trophy room will keep an album of those sightings as well as pinpoint all the different location that deer was seen. Is it a trophy buck? Then we keep track of the score as well. What a great way to display your prized trophies.

Big Game Logic is a great way to share photos with fellow camp members. Upload your trail cam images, share crazy camp photos, or just showcase a beautiful hunting. Either way, it’s a great way share the fun with your buddies.

With BGL you can track specific trophy movement on your camp map. All you need to do is tag that animal in either a sighting or image. The weather patterns and moon phase are then stored so that you can follow the movement on your property.

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