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RE: Antler restrictions
I think eventually a majority of hunters will stop shooting yearling bucks on their own and state mandated antler restriction
Posted By: Bioguy
RE: Delete Stand
kdrtk - Click on the tree stand icon on your map and then click "Mark Inactive" then go to the Legend and uncheck the box un
Posted By: Bioguy
RE: Broadheads
I use Muzzy 3 blade 100 gr. Love 'em!
Posted By: Bioguy
RE: Broadheads
I wouldn't mind to buy expandables that don't have o-rings or bands, but I like my Muzzy's too. And, for a teen hunter that
Posted By: NChunter14
Delete Stand
I can't find where to delete a stand.  I can delete a trail cam using Edit, but don't see that as an option under Edit S
Posted By: kdrtk
RE: Antler restrictions
I know that QDM involves hunting deer with a mature to close-to-mature age. Some states have AR that prohibit the shooting o
Posted By: NChunter14
RE: Need help with finding bedding area.
First, I suggest finding some trails, if you haven't already. What are the features of the land your hunting? Any high spot
Posted By: NChunter14
RE: Bowhunting Tips
Yep, I've hunted in the rain not always fun.  Great tip about binoculars.  I haven't ever really carried any with
Posted By: NChunter14
RE: Search Camp Locations
SwampRabbit - Ok, so I checked with Jeff, and we discussed your idea in depth. We decided not to incorporate it for privacy r
Posted By: Bioguy
RE: Search Camp Locations
SwampRabbit - Ok, I get what you're saying now. So something like: Find members who have camps: Within: 50 miles (drop do
Posted By: Bioguy

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